Juan Felipe Villegas Echeverri, MSc.

Juan Felipe Villegas Echeverri, MSc.

Forest engineer with more than 15 years of experience in spatial data management, spatial modeling, forest monitoring, precision forestry and REDD+.

After graduating in Forestry Engineering from the National University of Colombia in 2005, Juan Felipe obtained two master's degrees in 2008, one in Forestry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and one in Forestry Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Applied Sciences. Eberswalde, Germany. Before joining Carbon Decisions International in 2009, he worked in Colombia for several private companies dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of forest plantations. At CDI he began as a consultant in spatial data management, land use change modeling using specialized software tools, developing deforestation risk models and spatially explicit deforestation models for a variety of jurisdictional REDD+ projects and programs advised by our company in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru. In 2018, Juan Felipe became CDI's director of forest monitoring. He now directs and supervises all monitoring tasks related to the forestry operations managed by our company, being in charge of data collection, storage and analysis, and managing the company's spatial database. His work at CDI also includes the application of precision forestry techniques in forestry operations, including the development of custom unmanned aerial vehicles, he himself also being a certified drone operator, and the development of mobile field GIS applications to collect data. for the planning and monitoring of forestry operations carried out by CDI.

Languages: German, Spanish (mother tongue), English.

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